A Mobile Career Closet is a unique way to achieve our goals.

Quite simply, it is the best way to reach people who do not have the means to get to a donation site.



GIFT Mission Statement

To empower folks whose lives have taken hard turns and are looking to put their lives together by providing professional attire to them.

To craft a more personalized charitable interaction by creating a mobile facility that will engage personal shoppers and fitters who will interact with the recipients of professional attire.



What We Do


A MOBILE career closet is a way to deliver donations of clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry or any other item suitable for a job interview, directly to a person in need who is setting out to find a job, possibly to start over. The impetus for a MOBILE career closet arose out of my own history of offering donations to different organizations.

What I had found was when I made a donation of gentle-used "work" attire I often felt that the donation was not being given to the individuals that I felt could benefit the most. So I began GIFT.

By Giving It For Tomorrow, your gift today will be directly hand delivered to a donee via the MOBILE career closet. Therefore, we can insure that what we give today will be provided to someone in need 'tomorrow'.

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